Dippy Dino Day 1st April 10am-4pm

Dippy Dino Day 1st April 10am-4pm

Dinosaurs are coming to Seaton! To celebrate Dippy coming to the South West we are hosting a Dino-mite Dino Day. There will be:

Ronnie our 2 metre tall walking T Rex and Spike our Spinosaurus Dinosaur to meet

Dinosaur Egg Hatchings

Baby Dinosaurs

Real fossils and replicas

Ride-on Dinosaurs

Dippy’s skull will be on view; kindly lent by the British Natural History Museum in partnership with the Jurassic Coast Trust

Dino workshop to learn about dinosaurs and the prehistoric world including a virtual reality experience that will transport you back to a prehistoric world. (Places are limited so booking is required)

Workshops are:

11.00-12:00 Dinosaur workshop

2.00-3.00 Dinosaur workshop



It’s going to be ROARSOME!

Please email info@seatonjurassic.org or phone 01297 300390 to book your place for workshops

Please note: if very busy we may need to limit wokshops to 1 adult per child. Worshops are suitable for over 5yrs – no charge for younger children.