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Your School Trip

A visit to Seaton Jurassic is a perfect way to bring learning to life. We offer a range of sessions linked to the curriculum. We aim for all young people to come away having experienced the wonders of the natural world, past and present, in a fun, hands on and engaging way.

Seaton Jurassic Experience

Travel through time from the Victorian age of discovery to the Jurassic marine environment and emerge shrunken in our present day rockpool area. Then explore the garden which represents a range of habitats from the local area. Find out how living things have adapted and survived to be part of our natural heritage today.

Duration: approx. 1.5hrs+

Cost: £3 per child

Mary Anning

Discover the life story of the remarkable Mary Anning and how her discoveries changed geology and science forever. Learn about her fossil finds and make your own fossil to take home.

Duration: 1.5hrs

Cost: £3 per child

Coastal Management

Explore Seaton’s coast to look at human impact and map the coastal features. We will also investigate beach sediment size, longshore drift and complete a simple beach profile.

Duration: 2.5hrs

Cost: £3 per child


Can you survive in our wild area? Join us to sharpen your survival skills, build a den and find out how our furry and feathered friends survive the winter.

Duration: 1.5-2hrs

Cost: £3 per child

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Oh no; our bear has gone missing. Luckily he left a trail of  paw prints for us to follow. Can you complete the sensory challenges, learn why wildlife depends on all five senses and find the bear?

Duration: 1.5hrs

Cost: £3 per child

Dippy the Diplodocus

On loan from the British Natural History Museum, we have a life sized replica of a Diplodocus skull. Become a palaeontologist and investigate the skulls features to unravel the truth about Dippy. Understand how Dippy’s skeleton relates to other modern day creatures. You will also visit our garden to piece together Jurassic bones from the seas Dippy would have strolled beside.**

Duration: approx. 1.5hrs+

Cost: £3 per child

Hermit crab

Living coasts

Devon’s coast is alive with a whole host of exciting and inspiring wildlife. Enjoy exploring the seashore, learn to identify some common wildlife using ID charts, discover the adaptations, life cycles and survival strategies of these wonderful creatures.

Duration: approx 1.5-2.5 hrs. (Tide dependent)

Cost: £3 per child

Living Things and Habitats

Explore our garden and wildlife area to bring science to life. Through activities, games and investigation children will learn simple classification of living things, use ID charts and keys to identify wildlife and learn the gruesome truth about these creatures and their lifecycles. There may be time for a story and clay art too.

Duration: 1.5 – 2.5hrs
Cost £3 per child


Explore our garden as a palaeontologist and piece together our mysterious fossil fragments. Discover how fossils are created, some of the different types and what they tell us about our past then make a modern day fossil to take home.

Duration: 1.5hrs

Cost: £3 per child

**Please note Dippy sessions with Dippy’s skull are available 26th March – 29th March and 23rd April-27th April. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Visiting school comments

Please can I thank you for a wonderful trip last week. The children had a fantastic time and got a lot from it.

“Your professionalism and knowledge was second to none. I thought you pitched the day at the correct level and explained difficult concepts clearly.

The children loved playing the games and searching for the stamps. Thank you for finding a suitable game for the children to play while the rain eased. We were researching Darwin last week and the bird game helped them to understand that some species are more successful than others are.

The children described the trip as being the best they had ever been on and they particularly enjoyed rock pooling.”

Year 2 Teacher at Millfield Pre-Prep

May 2017

“The best part were all the extra little activites that Claire had planned for us around our topic of All Living Things. I was really impressed by what she had planned and I learnt some new things myself! The children were all focussed and engaged.”

June 2017

Just a quick note to thank you and your superb team.  That was the best trip I have had with my bubbly little class and that was down to your organisation and the professionalism of your team.  Thanks again – I am looking forward to visiting as a family next time. “

This was one of if not the best school visit I have been on in ten years of teaching. Two classes with a wide range of needs were fascinated all day and everyone had a great time”

“Thank you. A lot of work went into making the centre so fantastic. The effect of that work was evident on the faces of the classes today. The entire team were brilliant and all the effort was appreciated by the Raleigh federation team.”

November 2017