On the 23rd April the first in a series of Mini-Exhibitions will open at Seaton Jurassic.  ‘What Fossils Tell Us’ features the story of The Jurassic Coast, and what we have learnt about the creatures that once lived here millions of years ago.

This exhibition is the result of a tremendous community effort between our Seaton Jurassic volunteers and the passion of local collectors and Jurassic Coast experts.  All have willingly shared not only some of their prize fossil collections but their expertise and their knowledge too.

Open to visitors on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays though sometimes the exhibition is closed if there is a private booking so if you are making a special journey, please check beforehand to make sure it will be available. This free exhibition complements the interactive time travelling experience offered by Seaton Jurassic back to the Jurassic world 200 million years ago. It is hoped that visitors will be inspired to explore other areas along this World Heritage Site and that they will take up the challenge to think about what story of human life they would like to leave behind to be discovered as fossils in the future.

Entry to the mini-exhibition is free but donations are encouraged. Please call 01297 300 390 for opening times.