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Your adventure begins here…

Travel through time, discover hidden wonders and have a great day out!

Seaton Jurassic is packed with things for you and your family to discover and do. You never know who you’ll come face-to-face with around the next corner!

Arrive with an open mind and you’ll leave with answers to some of the Earth’s biggest questions!

At Seaton Jurassic we’ll take you on a journey like no other – back in time!

First you’ll take the ‘short trip’ back to the nineteenth century, to share the excitement of the discoveries made by local fossil hunters, geologists and evolutionary-thinkers as they uncovered the stores of life on Earth.

Save Time and Money by Booking Online

Save Time and Money by Booking Online

Keep in touch with news, events and more

Keep in touch with news, events and more

Seaton Jurassic time machine

Then we’ll ask you to go ‘long haul’, travelling aboard our specially adapted time-ship back to the ‘deep time’ of the Jurassic World, 200 million years ago.  You’re in charge,  you take the ship’s controls and decide which prehistoric creatures you meet!

Take the plunge

At the end of your journey you’ll ‘land’ in the water-filled world of a Seaton rockpool. There we’ll shrink you to the size of a tiny shrimp! Will you be able to adapt and survive or just become the next meal of a prehistoric predator? Whatever the answer, we know you’ll have a lot of fun finding out!

Seaton Jurassic crab

Whole worlds to explore – whatever the weather

Seaton Jurassic is the place to let your imagination  run wild –  indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather.

Play beneath the waves of our infinity pool and hunt for fossils in our sand pit. Make the catch of the day on our fishing  boat or just relax in our wildlife garden

And, if you’re left peckish after all this adventure, our café is a great place to refuel before exploring the rest of Seaton.

Seaton Jurassic dress up

Discovery Points

Your adventure continues!

Once you’ve relaxed in Seaton Jurassic’s wildlife garden and enjoyed coffee and cake at our wonderful cafe, take the next step in your journey.

Explore local natural wonders and get closer to the stories of the Jurassic Coast. Use your Access All Eras passport to visit our Discovery Points and find the best of what Seaton’s Jurassic Coast has to offer.

Seaton Jurassic Discovery Points