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Seaton Jurassic School Trip

A visit to Seaton Jurassic is a perfect way to bring learning to life. We offer a range of sessions linked to the curriculum. We aim for all young people to come away having experienced the wonders of the natural world, past and present, in a fun, hands on and engaging way.

Please note that the Seaton Jurassic Attraction, Café, Shop and Tourist Information will be shut during the national COVID-19 lockdown. We expect to be open from Friday the 4th of December.

We look forward to welcoming people back in due course but please stay safe and healthy and do keep an eye on our social media channels for updates but also a variety of educational resources.

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See our full list of workshops, including links to the national curriculum, by downloading our Education Visits Programme pdf here.

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New- Fantastic Fossils Package

Image credit- Peter Montgomery

A journey of discovery, starting in the Jurassic seas. Before and whilst visiting the centre, students  will consider what we know from fossils and what is assumed about life in the past, to determine  what makes a fossil and answer the question ‘Did ammonites have heads?’   Take away learning will inspire the follow up work on future fossils based on the modern seascape.

This is a new package offered by Seaton Jurassic, and includes resources provided to schools before and after their visit to enhance the student learning experience.

If you would like to hear more about our new school offer, please contact our Learning and Participation Officer Zoe Hughes on 01297 300 390 or via

Visiting school comments

“Thank you very much for a brilliant day. Your organisation was excellent and you anticipated all of our needs. The children loved the day and learned a lot… I thought the day was a great balance between fun and educational.”

Teacher from St Christophers School- May 2019

“Thank you for a fantastic day on Friday. The children talked about it non-stop all the way back to school which, as we got caught in a long traffic jam, was nearly an hour and a half of talking!”

“You pitched it perfectly, consolidating what they knew and extending it further. They particularly loved the rock pooling activity and this was because of your knowledge and skill at finding the creatures.” 

“Please thank Jenny for her help too. We thoroughly enjoyed our day – my 2 TA’s said it was the best trip they had been on and they have been on lots of trips!”

Teacher from Blundell’s Preparatory School June 2018

“Please can I thank you for a wonderful trip last week. The children had a fantastic time and got a lot from it.”

“Your professionalism and knowledge was second to none. I thought you pitched the day at the correct level and explained difficult concepts clearly.

“The children loved playing the games and searching for the stamps. Thank you for finding a suitable game for the children to play while the rain eased. We were researching Darwin last week and the bird game helped them to understand that some species are more successful than others are.”

The children described the trip as being the best they had ever been on and they particularly enjoyed rock pooling.”

Year 2 Teacher from Millfield Pre-Prep- May 2017

“The best part were all the extra little activites that Claire had planned for us around our topic of All Living Things. I was really impressed by what she had planned and I learnt some new things myself! The children were all focussed and engaged.”

June 2017

Just a quick note to thank you and your superb team.  That was the best trip I have had with my bubbly little class and that was down to your organisation and the professionalism of your team.  Thanks again – I am looking forward to visiting as a family next time. “

This was one of if not the best school visit I have been on in ten years of teaching. Two classes with a wide range of needs were fascinated all day and everyone had a great time”

“Thank you. A lot of work went into making the centre so fantastic. The effect of that work was evident on the faces of the classes today. The entire team were brilliant and all the effort was appreciated by the Raleigh federation team.”

November 2017

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