We are incredibly proud and pleased to announce that the main build of Seaton Jurassic and the public amphitheatre has now been completed. The construction work started in September 2014 and locally people have been able to see the building steadily progressing. In June the hoardings came down and the exterior could be admired by all. Since then, lots of finishes have been applied, making the site look more and more impressive.

External Image of Seaton Jurassic August 2015

We are very pleased by the messages we have received, from people sharing their excitement about the building. The iconic design makes it a true feature of the town.

In July we started the fit-out of the exhibition halls, a job that will see us all the way through the winter and is aimed to finish in February 2016. During the past few months, we have laboured away in the workshop to create some of the exhibits, which are now being installed. We will soon be able to give people sneak previews internally, so watch this space!

Working inside